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AMCC Announcements for March 15 th

posted by: Atif Fareed (Published)
date: February 7, 2013 at 09:01 PM
type: AMCC news





Today Jummah Khateeb Yousuf El Yaman

Jummah starts at 1:35 PM

Friday Family Night starts 7PM

Every Wed and Friday between Maghrib & Isha Tafseer Class

Every Wednesday Sister's Kickboxing 6:30 PM to 7:30PM


Supporting Shariah Campaign:

AMCC is leading the initiatives to defend our religious freedom in partnership with ICNA.

In an effort to defeat HB 351 (Anti- Sharia Bill), we have placed four billboards and we also started radio commercials on two AM Talk radio stations in Tallahassee. Please find attached pictures of our four billboards.

We need your continued support continue to serving our community.


"Learn to recite the Qur'an" for our kids starting Friday March 15th 

Six nights a week, off Saturdays. Please register your kids. Registration forms are available at the entrance to the Masjid. 6:30 PM tp 7:30 PM Mon thru Fri 1:45 Pm to 3PM Sundays


Youth Townhall Saturday March 16th 10AM to Dhur                

 "Defining Me" by Sister alma                                                    

 "Bully Prevention" by Brother Dev. Ages 12-18


Peace Academy Field Day/ Family Potluck

Sunday 17th March from 10:30 AM -3PM  

Games and Activities for the whole family. 

Bring a dish to share-signup sheet available at Peace Academy. 

Open House 

  Guest Speaker Imam Abdur Rahman SykesInline image 2


Please bring a Non Muslim friend, Neighbor or Co-Worker


Edward Jones 4 Financial Workshop. 

Free education series 

" Rules of the Road"                    Saturday March 30th after Dhur

"Demystifying Investing"               Saturday April 27th after Dhur    

"Take Stock in the Stock Market"    SaturdayMay 25th after Dhur

"Retirement by Design"                 Saturday June 22nd after Dhur 


Emerge USA Benefit Dinner April 20th 

Meet first Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison

Imam Khalid Latif

Tickets 50 Dollars



Meet the Author

Come and meet Trevor Aaronson, author of “Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism.”

Friday, April 26th after Magrib


May 10th Imam Tahir Anwar will be joining us for the Jummah khutbah, 

Friday Night after Magrib "Muslim identity in a secular world" 

Saturday May 11th Youth Town Hall 10AM to Dhur




AMCC Cafe 


Wed 7 PM to 10 PM 

Friday 7 PM to 10 PM

Sunday Noon to 4PM

Prayer Iqamah timings will be posted on our website and entry doors. It will be updated every Friday.                                      

Starting Sunday

Fajr       6:40 AM

Dhur.     1:45 PM

Asr        6:00 PM

Magrib   7:45 PM

Isha       9:00 PM

AMCC follows ISNA prayer times


Check out our new & improved website www.amccenters.org

Please share your email with us and stay updated on all AMCC activities

Please car pool.










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