About AMCC

Vision of AMCC:

  • Build an active and vibrant Muslim community
  • Cater to the needs of the entire spectrum of the local Muslims
  • Establish a Muslim Community Center Islamic religious, educational, social and cultural services
  • Promote friendly relations with people of other faiths
  • Place where our youth can get together and socialize in an Islamic environment
  • Place for our elderly and retirees

AMCC Mission Statement:

AMCC mission is to serve Allah (swt) through service to humanity by providing religious education and social services in the best Islamic manner as commanded in the Quran and demonstrated in the Sunnah. AMCC believes that, service to humankind is an important part of devotion to Allah (swt) and that all Muslims are enjoined to be good citizens and neighbors.


  • Centre for Marriage, Eid festivals, Aqeeqa, Birthdays, Graduation celebrations
  • Educational to include religious, academic and creative seminars and workshops
  • Place of worship
  • Youth activities for boys & girls to include youth camps, competitive sport, recreational, and social gathering
  • Place of meeting for the elderly and retirees
  • Social network for young mothers & children
  • Family centre allowing activity for the whole family
  • Dawah, Social welfare to include, food bank, visiting the sick, helping the needy within the community and our neighbors and fund raising.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Quran and Sunnah as understood by the companions of the Prophet Mohammed (saw)
  • Shoora – consultation with the community
  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Elected body of Board of Directors with Women’s representation in the board
  • Board members elected every 2/3 years
  • Minutes of the board meetings published
  • Transparency in financial reporting
  • All major decisions done with the input from the general assembly

Governance (Bylaws):

  • General assembly members
  • Board of Directors elected by voting members for a 2/3 year term
  • General assemble meeting at least one a year
  • Election supervised by an independent election committee

Organizational Structure:

  • General Assembly (Voting Members)
  • Board of Directors (Elected by voting members)
  • Board of Trustees (Appointed by Board of Directors)
  • Officers (President, Secretary, Treasurer & others as necessary)

BoD’s Responsibilities:

  • Accountable to Allah (swt) first and than to the general assembly
  • Safeguard integrity of organization
  • Conduct activities in conformance with the goals of the organization
  • Provide policy guidance and execute programs and activities
  • Manage finances
  • Provide long term planning
  • Appoint officers for the organization


  • AMCC complements existing organizations
  • We believe in engaging our youth, encourage women’s participation and involve the entire family
  • Foster good relationship with other Muslim organizations
  • Demonstrate leadership, accountability and transparency

12-Month Action Plan:

  • Create an infrastructure
  • Build a membership base (goal of 200 members by June 2011)
  • Purchase and establish a Muslim Community Center
  • Build a Community, quarterly picnics/potluck

Call to Action:

  • Become a member today
  • Become a volunteer
  • Join our mailing list